Empowering youths in entrepreneurship and academia throughout the world.

About Us

Oya Inc is a venture with primary focus on youth, opportunities, and entrepreneurship. Three young minds—Khagendra Acharya, Parshu Aryal, and Firoj Ghimire came up with an idea of creating a platform for connecting opportunities from all over the world and the opportunity seeking youth. The idea soon got the form of Oya Opportunities—a venture started under the company Oya Inc. Oya Inc then started its second venture—Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (GEB) and the third venture—Oya School.

Currently, Khagendra Acharya is the Founder and Chairman of Oya Inc, Parshu Aryal is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director, whereas Firoj Ghimire is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Oya Inc and its subsidiaries currently have reach to more than 90 countries where they have been actively functioning ever since the establishment.

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